The Ultimate Guide to Max Out

Learn how to create success in your business

Your First Training: Welcome

Welcome To Your Family

We welcome you to your new family and the Bumblebees and we congratulate you for taking this brave step towards success and financial freedom, and may this decision be your first stepping stone towards success, we are ready to support you achieve your dreams.

Your Second Training: 8 Basic Building Blocks

Get Started With This Mandatory Training

This training will help you understand what you need to do before starting to build your business, apply all what you learn from Chief block by  block and council your upline regularly.

8 Basic Building Blocks


Block #1 Dreams

This block is the most important block, you will learn how to get your dreams back, in any business having a reason, a purpose and a why is a very important block to success, start writing your dream list.

Block #2 Commitment

Being committed to your business is the main reason you will complete the journey to Max Out, dedicate daily number of hours to build your business, start now.

Block #3 List of names

Your list of names is the fuel towards your success, as direct selling is a great industry that will allow you to connect with others to partner with you, and to build your organization you must talk to people, write a list of names of at least 150 names.

Block #4 Inviting & Prospecting

This is the most important fundamental to begin communicating with your prospects, learn the art of invitation and prospecting to successfully secure your first appointments.

Block #5 Presentation

Showing the plan or S.T.B is the most important core activity which is presentation, learn by practice how to effectively present your business to your prospects.

Block #6 Follow Up

Follow through ranks one of the most valuable activities as it is 50% of what you do in the business, it gives your prospect a chance to find the answers to be able to make a decision.

Block #7 Counsel Your Upline

Counsel your upline every step of the way.

Block #8 Duplication

It is the one thing that when you achieve correctly then financial freedom is yours.

Get Started Fast

Taking action is your first step to start achieving results, follow these steps to get started

  • Write a list of your dreams, remember all what you write can become a reality...take it serious.
  • Dedicate daily number of hours to your business.
  • Complete a list of names of minimum 150 names.
  • Select your hot zone.
  • Activate within 48 hours. (ACT 48)
  • Focus on your weekly target.

When I started this business in 2004 I had a dream to become successful and help other people achieve success as well, I'm blessed with this opportunity to make a difference in people's lives.

Marwan Talodi
Marwan Talodi Associate V Partner

Your story could be here when you first achieve your gold rank, work hard and you will be featured here with our success stories from Bumblebees, you will always achieve success with focus and hard work.

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Start Building Your Business

Congratulations on successfully completing the first stage of launching your business, always help your downlines to start by completing these important trainings.